We are currently integrating the Weisper system at the Home Center branches for household appliances and work tools, which will shorten our service time. The system provides a quiet communication solution between the consumers and the service providers in the branches and even among the staff members themselves.

Today, a person comes to buy products at Home Center, he comes to a certain department and he has to look for the service provider.

No more.

From today, there are buttons in the branches connected to the pager found on the body of the service provider and once the consumer presses the button he signals to the service provider that he is there.

The system also measures the waiting times for the service provider, thereby enabling improved times and improvement of the entire system. The system also extracts and provides reports to managers so that they can follow the conclusions.

Quayit Solutions is pleased to provide solutions such as this solution to such a large network as the Home Center chain.