One of the things we are familiar with both marketing chains and restaurants and cafes is the long line that runs from the cashier and sometimes even outside the business. Every major network encounters stacks of people who are waiting to receive their orders and create a load in the business that sometimes interferes with the day-to-day operations of the place. So, like all the major chains: Segev, Mit Bar, Campai, Soso & Sun, Hiro and others who have identified and understood the food potential Quick, so we understood that we must provide a solution to those businesses, especially during stressful hours.


Quiet Solutions has developed a queue management system with a unique algorithm that responds to the customers who wait for their order and streamlines the sales system of the business.

The unique system has multiple advantages both in terms of business and customers, and makes the business accessible to people with disabilities.


How does the system work?

The system includes a set of pagers that are given to customers at the time of booking at the cashier and allows him to settle down to rest nearby or alternatively to optimize his time in the area where the business resides until the invitation is ready and called.

The system is 100% wireless and has a large range so that once the order is ready, the employee with a simple click sends a pager signal, which signals to the customer by beeping, vibrating, and flickering lights that he can reach the checkout and take his order.


By using Quiet Solutions’ unique queue management system, the business will not have to deal with language barriers or call on a name system, help people with disabilities, save space and unpleasantness in the checkout area, improve the visibility of the business abroad and save situations of customer overload, The business to control rush hours.

The system was developed in Israel and includes several characteristics adapted to the Israeli market:

Smart Alarm:A three-intensity alert that amplifies and alerts the customer regardless of where he is – he will feel or hear the alarm of the pager whether he is in a quiet and busy business place in the fast food mall.

Anti Lost:A smart alert that automatically turns on after 20 minutes and is designed to prevent a situation where the customer forgets to return the pager to the sales position.


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