Wireless pager system.

A huge solution for a small business.

Meet the new system that every restaurant, cafe or food chain must!


      Saves Manpower
Saves Time
Noise reduction


QMe A wireless queue management system that improves communication between the point of sale and the customer.
A wireless device delivered to the customer allows him to wait peacefully for his turn without having to stand in line or on the delivery line.
Enhance and enhance your customer experience, as well as that of your employees!

An array to manage the queue in a quiet, convenient and easy way!

With QMe, queue management becomes simple for both customers and employees.
The work environment becomes quiet and accurate, reducing employee errors due to pressure and load.
Pleasant workspace = Happy customers.
Try us, the pilot is free of cost.

Reducing load

Reduce load
At points of sale
And give personal attention

Accessibility of the service

Make the service
And the wait is available
For people with disabilities

Increase sales

Reducing load
On the register will allow
More sales

The end of lines in the branch!

QMe - The personal assistant of your employees.

QMe is divided into customers upon completion of their order,
And allows them to vacate their business away from the checkout or serving area.
0 Interruptions = 100% output.

Once the dish is ready (or about to be finished) for collection, QMe will vibrate, flash and beep when it's turn.

do not forget!
The system makes your business accessible to people with disabilities,
Without the need for explanations or applications.
Simple and effective.

No Cables

Completely wireless and long-range transmission

Alert during queue

Through vibration,
Flicker and sound on
Queue status

The end of the plans

No noisy calls to customers

Personal Customization

You could adjust
The system
Every business

Progressing and improving!

QMe - smart and intuitive - adapted to the Israeli market and to a variety of businesses.
The system is improved and maintained all the time by updating versions.

Smart Alarm
Integrated alert light, vibration, and sound that lasts over time.
Suitable for any business starting from a quiet hotel lobby to stormy FastFoods.

Anti Lost
A smart alert that is activated after a period of time to avoid forgetting the pager in the hands of the customer.

30Min GO
A 30-minute quick charge is enough for 10 hours of work.

eXtra Range
QMe is able to grow to ranges of 500 meters or more.

Contact us today to coordinate a pilot in your business.


  • My business has become accessible and easy. Today, people with disabilities can also go to work while waiting for the queue and know in real time when they donate a variety of measures to all disabled people

    - Director of the BBB network -

I also want to join a week of experience in my business without commitment!

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Questions and Answers

Question: What is your product doing?
Answer: Our product is basically a quiet solution for supermarkets and business owners who want to create a more pleasant environment and a better customer experience.
Question: What is your product doing? And to whom was it intended?
Answer: Our product is basically a quiet solution for supermarkets and business owners who want to create a more pleasant environment and a better customer experience.

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