Maximize the efficiency of your branch

Meet the new and advanced service that every network must!


      Saves Manpower
Saves Time
Better Service
An enjoyable service experience


A smart digital clock for key people, connected to call buttons spread around your business, allowing quick call to the shift manager, salesperson, service, cleaning, security and more. While maintaining a quiet and pleasant shopping experience!

Call Button!

Call Button!

More service!

Order a shift manager or maintenance teams

Increased sales

Place buttons next to the forward positions

Accessible services

And made it easier for customers with disabilities

Immediate warning

Which shows the location of the event on the Smart Clock

Call clock for key personnel

The crew member will receive an instantaneous notification of the vibration in the smart clock with details of where the call was made. So you can streamline and maintain a quiet and pleasant shopping experience

wide range

Broad-band transmission and reception capabilities

Quick alerts

Vibrated directly to the watch of the relevant professional

Personal customization

Of the system for each business

The Power Of Whisper Dynamic

The system has statistical analysis capabilities that will enable you to learn lessons and make better decisions regarding your customer service and employee time management.

time mesurment

Employee's response to the call to service


When it comes to reading a service from a department or branch

Open readings

Real-time alert for active calls


  • Our sales have doubled and made the customer's shopping experience easy and convenient. Our salespeople were more available to customers.

    - Israel Israel, "Home Center" -

I want the product to my branch!

An innovative line management system

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How did we tighten safety in the construction industry?

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Why do businesses need our quiet communication solutions?

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Implementing Whisper Dynamics in the Home Center branches

We are currently integrating the Weisper system at the Home Center branches for household appliances and work tools, which will shorten our service time. The system provides a quiet communication solution between the consumers and the service providers in the branches and even among the […]


Questions and Answers

Question: What is your product doing? And to whom was it intended?
Answer: Our product is basically a quiet solution for supermarkets and business owners who want to create a more pleasant environment and a better customer experience.
Question: What is your product doing?
Answer: Our product is basically a quiet solution for supermarkets and business owners who want to create a more pleasant environment and a better customer experience.

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